6 Kitchen Items You Should Buy At Estate Sales

Modern homeowners can't seem to get enough of farmhouse chic, and they're buying everything from sturdy old wooden tables designed for feeding hungry crews to handcrafted parlor furniture that was used only for special occasions. One of the main advantages of shopping at estate sales is that they generally contain a lifetime of household items, and selection goes far beyond furnishings and jewelry. Many useful kitchen items, for instance, are found at estate sales -- and not only do they provide that old-school country kitchen look, they can still be used for their original purposes. Following are just six of the kitchen items that'll give your home that farmhouse ambiance as well as save you money on household essentials. 

Cast Iron

Not only is cast iron cookware inexpensive when purchased at estate sales, it offers excellent value. Cast iron lasts forever as well as provides a non-stick cooking surface that isn't dependent on the use of chemicals such as perfluorocarbons, which have been linked to liver damage and certain types of cancer. Cooking with cast iron is also a good way to add a bit of iron to the average diet. Although frying pans are the piece of cookware most often associated with cast iron, you can also purchase cast iron stock pots, sauce pans, bread and muffin pans, and Dutch ovens. 

Milk Glass

Milk glass is found at estate sales as single, incidental pieces, as entire collections, or somewhere in between. It was used in abundance to make butter dishes, vases, dinnerware, mugs, decorative ceramic figurines, and even costume jewelry. Most milk glass used in American homes are a filmy, opaque white color, but certain types of milk glass manufactured on European shores were sometimes pastel blue, pink, or yellow. All colors add a whimsical, vintage accent to any home. 

Real Silverware

Vintage silverware provides a unique way to set an elegant table, particularly against a backdrop of a filmy lace tablecloth, gleaming china dinnerware, and sparkling crystal goblets. Don't that pile of tarnished silverware you might see at an estate sale fool you -- tarnish is a sure sign that the silver is the real deal, and you can clean it yourself using specially designed products or take it to be professionally cleaned. The result is well worth it -- you'll end up with a top-quality set of genuine silver cutlery for a fraction of the price you'd pay for a modern version. 


Practically unbreakable and made of tempered, heat-resistant glass designed to perform in hot temperatures Pyrex has been manufactured since the early 1900s. Although it isn't produced anymore, Pyrex is commonly available at estate sales and works particularly well for those who are trying for a 1950s ambiance in their kitchen environment. You'll find Pyrex casserole dishes, saucepans, mixing bowls, and measuring cups. 

Small Appliances

Vintage toasters, blenders, and other small appliances were made to last, which is why they're so well-represented at estate sales. Whether the object is to save money or to create a cozy, old-school ambiance in your kitchen environment, you can count on vintage small appliances to deliver. 

Classic Cookbooks 

Classic cookbooks were written and produced during an era where most people still cooked from scratch, and they printed tried-and-true recipes using standard ingredients instead of unrealistic foodie trends. These cookbooks generally feature attractive, colorful covers and provide an enchanting accent when lined up on a bookshelf on your kitchen wall.

One of the best things about estate sales is that you'll never know what you'll find, which adds a whole new dimension to your quest for your ideal farmhouse kitchen -- you'll feel as if you're on an exciting treasure hunt. For more information, visit websites like http://www.crissy.com.