The Spirit of the Bear and Its Role in Inuit Artwork

The Inuit people been crafting tools, rugs, clothing, and many other objects of art for thousands of years. They often use animals within their art as a way of symbolizing various qualities that each animal represents. One of the most commonly used animal in Inuit artwork is the bear. This large, powerful animal has long been a representation of strength and endurance for the Inuit people, and it certainly reflects in the artwork that they create. Read More 

Two Tips For Helping Your Antique Collection Retain Its Value

Antique collections can represent a sizable investment of both money and time. Not surprisingly, many people want to take steps to help these items retain their value. Unfortunately, you may not have the experience or knowledge needed to understand what is needed to keep your antiques in excellent condition. Luckily, you can follow these two tips to help ensure you avoid some common errors that can seriously reduce the value of antique collectibles. Read More